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About Society for Emergency Radiology

SER was envisioned and co-founded in 2013 by eminent radiologists across India to meet the agreed to the need of a formal professional group to meet the educational, practice and research challenges posed by the increasing need for 24/7 radiology in diagnosis and management of emergent conditions.
Emergency and Trauma Radiology requires the ability to provide quality results under stressful time constraints – to juggle attention to detail along with time taken to diagnose. The success parameters are different from non-emergent radiology in the sense that delay can often render the detail irrelevant, and this requires a skilled judgement and a strong process framework


The Society for Emergency Radiology was envisioned in 2012 by Dr. Niranjan Khandelwal, Professor and Head, Dr. Akshay Kumar Saxena, Professor, Department of Radiodiagnosis, Postgraduate Institute of Medical Education and Research, Chandigarh, and Dr. Anjali Agrawal, Senior Consultant and Head, Delhi Operations of Teleradiology Solutions. These radiologists during the course of informal meetings and conversations felt an emergent need for emergency radiologists in the country, given the changing face of medical care with an emphasis on visualization and specific diagnoses, and an increased demand for imaging in acute care.
In 2012, while attending a national radiology meeting at PGIMER, Chandigarh, senior radiologists from across the country, met under the leadership of Professor Khandelwal, and agreed to the need of a formal professional group to meet the e increasing need for 24/7 radiology in diagnosis and management of emergent conditions.
A CME course on Emergency and Trauma Radiology was held on May 4-5, 2013, by the PGIMER, Chandigarh, to see the response in the community. A formal announcement of the founding of the Society for Emergency Radiology was made by Dr. Khandelwal.

   Our Aim

  1. 1

    To promote and advance Emergency Radiology (including Trauma Radiology) as a medical science.

  2. 2

    To disseminate recent knowledge of Emergency Radiology among academic and practicing radiologists.

  3. 3

    To train young radiologists and resident doctors in various radiologic techniques, diagnoses, patient care and processes in Emergency Radiology.

  4. 4

    To maintain and uphold standards of practice of Emergency Radiology.

  5. 5

    To encourage research in Emergency Radiology for better understanding of the disease.

Current Leadership

President: Dr Sanjiv Sharma
General Secretary: Dr Anjali Agrawal
Treasurer: Dr Mukesh Kumar
Joint Secretary: 1. Dr Sanjeev Kumar, 2. Dr Akash Handique
Executive Committee Members: Dr Arjun Kalyanpur, Dr Rammurti, Dr Sunil Puri, Dr Sikandar Shaikh, Dr Jyoti Kumar
Ex officio members: Dr N Khandelwal (Founder President), Dr Akshay Kumar Saxena (Founder General Secretary)

Registered Office

Department of Radiodiagnosis and Imaging
PGIMER, Sector-12
Chandigarh- 160012, India

Correspondence Office

Teleradiology Solutions,
12-B Sriram Road,
Civil Lines, Delhi-110054, India
Ph: 91-11-23991711
Website:- www.ser-india.org Email:- serindia2013@gmail.com