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The SER celebrated the International Day of Radiology by organizing elaborate CME programs. e-CME on Emergency Radiology was conducted on 8th November, 2017, on Radguru. It was attended by more than 42 participants. The welcome address by the President of the SER, Prof Sanjiv Sharma, highlighted that emergency radiology epitomizes the judicious utilization of the diagnostic and therapeutic scope of imaging in the emergency room. He also stated that Wilhelm Conrad Rontgen’s discovery of x-rays on November 8, is the perfect time to celebrate radiology by exploring the various roles that radiologists can play in diagnosis and management of disease states in the emergency situations. The e- lectures were delivered by experts from four different locations, and followed by an interesting Q&A session. This online teaching program was a huge success in terms of quality and convenience given the time constraints of all busy academicians and practicing radiologists.

Guwahati Gallery